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The Show of Lists

In a special requested show, the gang does two hours of Top Ten lists, including Top 10 Cryptids, Top 10 Airplanes Too Weird to Fly, Top 10 NASA Conspiracies – and Top 10 reasons Juan-Juan likes Downton Abbey. Also discussed: How not to film a movie on an aircraft carrier, why Tom Cruise insists that when he runs in a movie, no one else can run beside him and why it’s always wise to take the Ping and not the Pong. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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UFOs & The Irish

When a scheduled guest interview falls through, the gang takes aim on the Emerald Isle. Switch on Captain Edward Ruppelt, the USAF officer who ran the notoriously-deceptive, Project Blue Book. Jocko reports on a combat phenomenon called “Acoustic Shadow” and how it helped win the Battle of Gettysburg. Plus, the latest Clubb Report, Mack gets a nasty fan letter, Top Ten Reasons It’s Cool to Be Irish and why it’s not wise to kiss the Blarney Stone. Special Guests: Valerie Lofaso & Pistol O’Pete.

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Weirdo-Palooza Redux

The gang takes on the Weird with creepy stories about military personnel coming back to life & appearing in people’s dreams. Clubb & Raven share their own personal stories about reincarnation. “Star Trek Continues” creator Vic the Wop tells each member of the gang what kind of character they would play on Star Trek. Mack recalls a strange incident from his childhood & Juan-Juan recounts his brush with death as a youth. (Not recommended for minors.)

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In Search of Buddha, the Hunky Ghost

The gang discusses the very creepy story of Robert the Doll and why people feel compelled to write him letters asking for forgiveness.  Also, what is the number one mystery about the Moon? Plus, Top 10 Reasons Juan-Juan is over Tom Brady. Special guests: Ella the Psychic, Famous Author Marc Zappulla & The Black-Eyed Kid.

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How a Tornado Won the War of 1812

Although without Juan-Juan and Coco, the gang talks about a variety of subjects including how a bizarre tornado helped the U.S. beat the British in the War of 1812.  Raven reports on a piece of art called, “The Hands Resist Him,” which has been described as “The Creepiest Painting of All Time.” Also, Switch on the amazing life of paranormal writer, Charles Fort & Top Ten Reasons Coco should play Superman in the movies.

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Guard Dogs from Another Dimension

The gang is back together for the New Year. Highlights include: Switch’s “Tales from the Fringe” talking about Dogmen, and how they sometimes act like sentries or guards from another reality. Willy Clubb’s “The Clubb Report” on the new Government study of UFOs. Also, Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions of Teddy, Coco’s Ball-Less Horse, a major announcement about the show being picked up by a large paranormal radio network and Lois tells the joke about the rabbit and a rabbi.

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Did The U.S. Military Kill Thousands of American Airmen Needlessly?

A discussion on the Bomber Generals controversy of World War Two during which thousands of American fliers may have died needlessly. Also, fan-favorite segments featuring Dribbles the Bitter Clown & Emily Mittermaier, Top Ten names for the gang’s new rock band, more fan questions read on the air, plus two songs from Sky Club including one that is NOT titled” Don’t Let Go, Nicole.”

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Foo Fighters: Everything You Need To Know (and More)

In a special broadcast, Mack is a guest on Martin Willis’s very popular “Podcast UFO” show along with author Graeme Rendall for a deep dive into the foo fighters of World War II. Did UFOs really tag along with Allied bombers during air raids over Germany? (Answer: Yes).  Were just as many UFOs seen during the Pacific War against Japan as over Europe? (Answer: Yes). Did the Nazis have help in their war effort from aliens? (Answer: Definitely No).     487. MACK MALONEY & GRAEME RENDALL (

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