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How to Listen To Spies on Your Radio

Juan-Juan reports on mysterious "Numbers Stations," frequencies on ordinary radios that are used by spies.  Benedetta of War Is Boring reports on the Mosul Dam in Iraq, its leaking and could kill up to 1 million people if it fails, Steve Ward on more UFO Hotspots and Commander Cobra on the False Flag operation that started the Vietnam War.

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Hotspots, Swamp Gas & the First Nuclear War

Mack talks to Rob Beckhusen of "War Is Boring" about the likelihood that India and Pakistan will fight the first nuclear war, Steve Ward on the government describing UFOs as "swamp gas" and famous UFO hotspots and Commander Cobra calls in from a secret location to talk about his participation in Operation Bold Quest.

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Stolen Valor & the Gander UFO Incident

Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra talk to Iraqi vet Mellanie Cadwell about her pursuit of an imposter who claims he was a military hero. Switchblade Steve Ward reports on the incredible Gander UFO Incident and a discussion on whether the CIA controls the media.

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Why Do UFOs Have Lights?

Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra join reporter Steve Ward in discussing the incredible Coyne UFO case inwhich a UFO covered in dazzling lights may have prevented an army helicopter from crashing and saved its crew. Also Rob Beckhusen from War Is Boring plus the FBI-Apple "Back Door" Case.

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Listen to This Show or We'll Shoot the Puppy

Mack, Pistol Pete and Juan-Juan talk to Rob Beckhusen about an Army pistol designed to shoot dogs, Steve Ward on the wild Adamski UFO Case, Commander Cobra on Special Forces troops dressing in burkas, and a new segment: "Ten Minutes of Joy" during which psychic Deana Joy tells Juan-Juan things he never knew about himself.
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The CIA's UFO Files Revealed or Who is Nancy Two Turtles?

Mack and Juan-Juan talk to Steve Ward about the frightening "Mississippi Lobster-Men Abduction Case," Steve "The Hammer" Hammons on the surprising release of the CIA's UFOs files. Rob Beckhusen on the chance of a coup in America, Nancy Two Turtles on How to Speak With an Alien, and a report from the front from Commander Cobra.

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Mothman Meets Lois Lane

Mack talks to Steve Ward about all things Mothman, Rob Beckhusen on "Weirdest Weapons Ever." Commander Cobra on UFO sightings during international air shows, plus reporter Lois Lane in studio.

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What to do When Your Blowtorch Talks to You

Mack and Juan-Juan talk to Steve Ward about the famous "Shaver Case" -- a tale of a secret civilization below Earth that began when one man received signals from these aliens via his blowtorch. Also, Juan-Juan on Apple vs the FBI, Rob Beckhusen on the mess in Syria and Commander Cobra on UFOs and Wiki-Leaks.

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50 Shades of Aliens

Mack & Pistol Pete talk to author Ray Szymanski about his book, "50 Shades of Greys," and his encounter with the Men in Black -- on a golf course. Also Rob Beckhusen on North Korea nuking the USA, and Commander Cobra talks about UFOs over secret Russian bases.

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Maury Island, the Men in Black & the NSA

Mack talks to correspondent Steve Ward about the bizarre Maury Island incident. Captain Knapsack explains how the NSA can break into your home computer easy-peazy. Rob Beckhusen on the chance of war with Russia in the next five years. Plus, Operation Distant Thunder with Commander Cobra featues less well-known stories about the Men in Black

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Best of Mack...

Mack, Commander Cobra and Switchblade Steve replay some of the best segments of the show.

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Surfing With The Hatman

Mack talks to UFO researcher and surf rock legend, Merrell Fankhauser about his new CD, "Signals from Malibu." Also psychic William Stillman discusses his childhood encounters with "Hatman," Rob Beckhusen on Russia's new "Terminator Tanks," and Commander Cobra on a new conspiracy concerning Iran's recent seizing of ten US sailors in the Persian Gulf.

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