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Can the CIA See Into Your Future

Author Steve Hammons is interviewed about the CIA's notorious Remote Viewing Programs of the 1990s when the Agency successfully recruited fortune tellers to track Russian submarines. Also, a Cindy Baily Dove Special Report on DARPA, better known as the "Mad Scientists of the Pentagon
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The CIA Alien Hunter

Mack talks to Derrel Sims, a CIA operative & UFO investigator, who uses his tracking skills to hunt aliens. Also UFO funnyman Micah Hanks & Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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The Best UFO-Military Case Ever

Author & researcher Peter Robbins discusses the famous Rendlesham UFO Sighting. Plus how listeners can help launch a Star Trek production and Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.

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The Pentagon and Alien Abductions

Mack & Race talk to Dr. Robert Davis about Pentagon involvement in alien abductions. Plus Charles "Don't Call Me Chuck" Stansburgh's latest adventure with the Grays in outer space, Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report and Mack flirts with Race's wife on her birthday.
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"My Army Robot Has ESP"

Mack & Race talk to TV personality & futurist Gray Scott about life-like androids working with U.S. military forces in the near future. Also, a trip in "Mack's Time Machine," and Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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The Trillion Dollar Bomber

 Military expert & combat correspondent David Axe discusses rumors of a new, highly-secret U.S. Air Force bomber. Also, Cover Model Mai Tran talks about her UFO sighting in Vietnam, Commander X calls in from a secret location and Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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The Haunted Ammo Base

 Mack & Race talk to the Chill Seekers ghost-hunting team about their visit to the U.S. Navy's Mare Island ammo dump, the scene of a massive explosion during World War One. Also, more adventures with Chuck Stansburgh and the Gray Aliens, we celebrate our story in USA TODAY plus Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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Ghosts & the U.S. Army

Mack & Race talk to Lt Col Dave Goodwin about haunted Army bases in the USA. Also, Charles Stansburge on his latest mission with the Grays in outer space, Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report and the national media's reaction to Cyryc the Alien's Super Bowl prediction.
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