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Film and TV Producer Michael Emerson is Back

Michael Emerson is Back with more funny and heartwarming stories all about the Hollywood actors we know and love.

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David Picone Fire Department Battalion Chief

David Picone, Since starting in his position as Health and Safety Officer, Picone has expanded the peer support and chaplaincy programs to add more volunteers and improved training opportunities. He is credited with implementing several other initiatives, including:  

  • The Family Support Network and the Chaplain Crisis Canine Program. 

  • A joint wellness resource website for SDFD and San Diego Police Department personnel. 

  • Collaboration between the City’s Risk Management Department and private behavioral health facilities to serve first responders.  

  • Assisting other local first responder agencies with their behavioral wellness programs, cancer prevention methods and injury prevention programs. 

  • Creating the Injury and Illness Prevention Program which includes more than 20 specific policies for the safety (physical and behavioral) of the SDFD workforce.

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Brian Boyd: Joint Special Operations

Brian Boyd is a 30-plus year professional intelligence analyst and counter terrorism specialist. He is a former Green Beret, and was part of the leadership of the Joint Special Operations Command which oversees the Special Forces, Seal Team 6 and the Delta Force. He is also the founder of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, former Senior Analyst at the DEA, founder of the Intelligence Analysis Division of the Joint Special Operations Command, and served in the Departments of Defense, Justice & Treasury. He regularly appears on radio and TV discussing intelligence and counter terrorism matters.

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Film and TV Producer Michael Emerson

Michael began his media career in 1979 with the creation and hosting of the radio feature "Face to Face". Throughout his media career Michael has been apart of the six-hour television min-series special for The History Channel entitled "Vietnam in HD" The ten-part series "World War II in HD" and its follow up two hour special, "The Air War". His most recent six hour mini-series for the American Heroes Channel (AHC) entitled "Against the Odds", premiered with record-breaking audience numbers.

He has also directed and co-produced The History Channel's award-winning, two hour television specials, "When Cowboys Were King", "Hollywood's Greatest Villains", "70's Fever" as well as the A&E, special, "Cecil B De Mille" and "The James Woods Biography" among others.

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Working Wardrobes: The Power of a Paycheck

Michael Barrett a combat-wounded veteran of the United States Marine Corps how is helping others in the Veteran community get back on there feet and back to civilian life throw Working Wardrobes. 

Working Wardrobes is an independent nonprofit organization that strives to empower men, women, young adults, and veterans overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency.

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Gary Bernstein: Photographer to the Stars

Gary Bernstein has photographed more than 200 international celebrities and created images for the largest corporate entities in the world. His clients range from Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson to Presidential families and Jay Leno.

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From Military Service to Service Through Music

Dave Bray USA is a United States Veteran. He served in the US Navy as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for the 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines, (Sniper PLT), stationed out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Dave is now a national touring musician, singer and songwriter, and has dedicated his musical career to supporting U.S. Veterans, Active Duty Military, Fire, Police and First Responders.

You can listen to a sample of Dave's song Last call at the end of this podcast.

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Restaurant Consultant-Executive Chef Mindy Lymperis

Today I talk with my dear friend Executive Chef Mindy Lymperis about Food, Competitions and Cooking for the Stars.

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